Still much better than dial-up: Google mobile talk stresses Wi-Fi

ONA16 Attendees
Conference attendees packed into a session on Facebook Live on Friday afternoon. Earlier in the day, a Google mobile discussion was a bit too much for the Wi-Fi.
(Lauren Booker/ONA Newsroom)

Were too many people Googling it?

The Wi-Fi at ONA16 stumbled a bit Friday morning during the “Google: Dialing Up on Mobile to Reach Readers and Push Performance” session.

Craig Mayo, vice president for sales and marketing for C3-Wireless, said there were more people in the room than expected. The company is handling Wi-Fi for the Online News Association conference at the Hyatt Regency.  

Representatives from C3 rushed over and installed more access points, which are mini Wi-Fi routers, in the room.

“We were monitoring the network, and we noticed that a couple more of our [access points] had a lot more users on it than we wanted to have,” said Casey Collins, CEO of C3-Wireless. “We didn’t have complaints from it, but we were adjusting before it was a problem.”

C3 also had to tweak its primary Wi-Fi router to accommodate the conference’s more than 2,000 attendees after people reported slow Internet during Thursday’s opening keynote, Mayo said.