Cocktails, courtesy of CNN

The line around the CNN booth isn’t for the latest breaking news update or hot take, but rather a craft-poured, crimson-tinged cocktail.

But what is a bartender doing at a cable news booth? CNN’s Wendy Ho, a senior manager for brand and sales communication, explains that she discovered mixologist Dylan Holcomb at a private event she attended.

Not only did he pour a mean Manhattan, but that his event presence meant that Ho could bring Holcomb to ONA to create some personalized cocktails for the conference–in CNN red palette, naturally.

That’s why Ho hired Holcomb to create cocktails themed around journalism and the conference in Denver. Thursday night featured the “Mile High Mai Tai,” and Friday featured “Off the Record” and “Confidential Source.”

Holcomb is an award-winning mixologist at Mutiny and Rye in Denver, and he’s on duty through the Friday evening sessions while  supplies last (hint: they are going fast).